PREMIERE: Thegn – Rainfall

Absurd TRAX releases the somber second single from Thegn's forthcoming album 'Loss.'


The experience of loss and the subsequent process of grief, mourning and acceptance is perhaps best represented as a type of rainfall. The producer known as Thegn employs this metaphor with startling lucidity on the second single from their forthcoming album for Absurd TRAXLoss. The track, entitled “Rainfall,” finds Thegn in more somber, melancholic territory than the noise-inflected first single “Depression Is a Routine.”

Loss is an album about the sudden loss of a loved one and the effect it has on our lives. If “Depression Is a Routine” was the sound of exasperation and affliction, “Rainfall” is the sound of stoic and solemn acceptance. The sound of pattering rain underpins the track while droning sub-frequencies gather before giving way to a luminous melody. Thegn’s vocals drift into the mix and just as everything starts to coalesce, the track cuts out, leaving only the sound of rain once again. A reminder that although solace can be found, a loss can befall us at any moment and the storm will begin again.

Today, we are premiering the video for “Rainfall” produced by Thegn and filmed by Saskiatokyo. Absurd TRAX is releasing Loss on September 13th. Pre-order it here.

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