PREMIERE: Wesqk Coast – Lido [RN!011]

The Italian producer releases a new track from his forthcoming album "eIATROGENIC" for Rest Now!


The Italian experimental club scene has established itself as a pre-eminent force within the worldwide movement. One of the labels leading the charge is Rest Now!, a Venetian imprint specializing in contemporary forms of sound art and electronica. They first came to rise with an alternative soundtrack to the film Die Hard featuring artists such as Swan Meat, Lensk, Dasychira, and 111X re-purposing tracks from the original film score. Since then, they have released albums from the Detroit-based sound artist Infant and French multi-disciplinary artists Tristan and Migu. Now, they’re set to release a new album from the Italian producer Wesqk Coast.

On eIATROGENIC, Wesqk Coast explores the phenomenon of “iatrogenesis”a term denoting adverse effects caused by medical treatments. With clinical exactitude, he merges the fields of club experimentalism and glitch synthesis to reveal the false dichotomy between humans and technology. Throughout eIATROGENIC, a sense of tension pervades, as if Wesqk Coast is testing out a hypothesis on the listener, triggering new neural pathways to activate in our brains. On lead single “Lido” the listener, or shall we say, subject, is presented with animate environments that form around an energizing synth lead and rolling toms.

eIATROGENIC is out 04/06/20 on Rest Now.

Artwork: Monkey Business, from the series Margins of Excess © 2018 Max Pinckers.

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