PREMIERE: Wizard Of – Table Magic

The percussive club producer returns with a new track from his forthcoming EP for Classical Trax.


The Toronto-based DJ/producer Wizard Of is set to release a new EP for the club music label/collective Classical Trax this Friday. Entitled “Vision Dust,” the EP picks up where Wizard Of left off on “Razor Life,” the giallo-inspired club EP he released earlier this year through Bedroomer. Italian horror cinema also serves as the inspiration for “Vision Dust,” particularly Lucio Fulci’s film “House by the Cemetery.” The album reflects Wizard Of’s experience watching the film after a failed attempt at psychotherapy that left him shaken up.

The 3 track EP’s centrepiece “Table Magic” is now available to stream below, one listen revealing Wizard Of’s trademark usage of rhythm to underscore haunting synth melodies. The track sees Wizard Of delving even further into the “hard drum” sound, a sub-genre pioneered by Her RecordsNKC and characterized by heavy, syncopated tribal percussion.

“Table Magic” is framed around a driving 4/4 beat, accented by tabla and tom drum rolls. Although frenetic at moments, Wizard Of still lets the track breathe and doesn’t over-complicate it with dense layers of drum tracks. Siren samples and clipped shrieks punctuate the percussive clatter, imparting a sense of urgency to the already agitated atmosphere. Around the 2:10 mark, Wizard Of goes in for the kill and the track reaches its climax in a thrilling display of drum hits and synth stabs. Stream at your own risk below.

“Vision Dust” is out 11/9/18 on Classical Trax.

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