The Eastern European producers unveil a remix from their split EP, out today on Xenonyms.


Xenonyms is a Barcelona-based label releasing left-field electronica from artists all over the globe. Their latest release is a split EP from enigmatic Eastern European producers PΛRΛ and XXXENTIAL, entitled PARADOXXX. Little is known about the two experimental artists, whom hail from Poland and Belarus, respectively. They prefer to let their music do the talking and on PARADOXXX, it has plenty to say.

The 4-track release features solo productions from each artist, along with two remixes. Today, we are premiering PΛRΛ’s remix of XXXENTIAL’s “Overdozzz,” a maximalist collage of bass, techno and hardcore club stylings.

‘PARADOXXX’ is now available as a ‘name your price’ download via Xenonyms Bandcamp here.

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