Today, of all days, SBVRSV launches into the tangled, confusing orgy of voices, opinions, noises and movements. Indeed, it is perhaps the best of all days for this mission to take shape. The SBVRSV platform is all about reductionist momentum…breaking everything down to gain insight into the inner workings of self, culture and politics so that we may create dynamic movement towards otherness.

Yes, that is a very obtuse mission statement but my aim is that this platform can go beyond mere aesthetics. I want to create hype for the “hip and indifferent”, essentially those artists that don’t care about self-promotion and know the nepotistic game of hype cycles. I want to help artists reach their “subverse”, that is, a self-contained world in which their art is understood for what it is and what it is trying to say. And lastly, I want to counter-act stasis in the consciousness of artistic communities. I want to destroy scenes as much as I want to create them.

This is also not an “entrepreneurial,” capital-drive enterprise. I want to help artists because I genuinely enjoy it and because I believe they deserve to be represented justly. Speaking of representation, I am very excited to welcome three extreme acts from a godforsaken country into our midst today….MACHINE GIRL, FIVE STAR HOTEL & DJ FETAL POSITION.

These three acts perfectly encapsulate the picture of the “SBVRSV” artist….destructive, eclectic, un-regulated and in your face. Tonight, they play an undisclosed location in London, Ontario. You can email for details. The SBVRSV ERA BEGINS NOW<<<>>>>>

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