Various Artists – Literal Oasis [NEB001]

IDM artists bioMecanico & Hydroplane launch their new label 'Nebleena' with a compilation release.


The electronic collective/label Nebleena has released the physical edition of their debut compilation Literal Oasis. Curated by Peruvian cousins Renzo Gorrio and Miguel Delgado, who perform as Hydroplane and bioMecanico, respectively, the record brings together various contemporary artists crafting sounds within the IDM/experimental electronic scenes in Toronto, Lima, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Literal Oasis is the debut release of Delgado’s bioMecanico project, after performing live across Canada, Peru and the US over the past several years. It also marks Gorrio’s first release under the Hydroplane moniker since 2017’s Panda LP, released on the acclaimed left-field electronic imprint Schematic.

The ten-track compilation delivers an evocative set of tracks by Hydroplane, Equilet, bioMecanico, Ando Laj (Wandering Eye/Diskotopia), Captainmarmalade, Sweguno, Overre, Fluorescent Grey, Wake, and Ghroth, bringing together both newcomers and veterans of the ‘intelligent dance music’ movement that sprouted out of Warp Records in the early 1990s. Literal Oasis also features the debut of PREEMS, a collaboration initiated by Gorrio and Delgado in recent years that focuses on live/hardware-based performance and improvisation.

Literal Oasis’ excellent artwork was designed by Peruvian digital artist Yerko Zlatar, doing the compilation justice in its 12” form with a standout cover sleeve. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and is available to order from the Nebleena Bandcamp page.

by Adam Piotrowicz.


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