PREMIERE: Crisis – HeatSeeker

The London, UK-based producer f.k.a. Fresh Crisis unleashes a striking new track.


Crisis re-emerges, no longer ‘fresh,’ to invade our ears with a “HeatSeeker” missile. The London, UK-based producer/visual artist specializes in maximalist sound design that immerses the listener in a multidimensional aural space. We last heard from Crisis on “Waiting to Live,” an accelerated club (re/de)-construction that sputtered and revved like a failing engine. Since then, Crisis has been lurking around the boroughs of London, releasing tracks and fraternizing with PC Music brethren GFOTY and SPINEE.

Today, we are premiering Crisis’ “HeatSeeker,” a one-off track that hones in on Crisis’ signature style of fragmented club. Buzzing hi-fi FX meet grime-adjacent synth leads on this stellar cut which you can listen to below:

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