PREMIERE: B4MBA x soltura – Proprioception

The Barcelona-based vocalist teams up with the Irish producer for a collaborative single release on digital sub-label simulate.


simulate, the sub-label of Barcelona’s angoisse, continue their digital single release series with “Proprioception,” a collaborative track featuring production from Irish artist soltura and vocals from French artist B4mba.

Titled after the scientific term for sense of self-movement and body position, the track conveys kinaesthetic fluidity through B4mba’s refined vocal contortions and soltura’s lush drum programming. Both artists share a mutual predilection for left-field dancehall, hip-hop and bass music in their solo work and their chemistry here is palpable.

The two connect like clockwork on “Proprioception,” blending deep, organic percussion with flourishes of harp and mercurial, R&B-tinted vocals. soltura’s malleable riddim track underscores B4mba’s impassioned delivery and exceptional range, evoking a moody, after-hours club mystique. The pair may keep it low-key but B4mba and soltura are ‘high-key’ breaking new ground on “Proprioception.”

“Proprioception” is out now on simulate. Download it here.

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