PREMIERE: jjjacob – Solitary Defeat [PET-007]

The Danish record label Petrola 80 releases the closing track from their forthcoming compilation.


The Danish producer known as jjjacob has surmounted great obstacles, both mental and physical, to evolve into the prolific and inventive artist he is today. His story is as inspiring as his music, which is largely characterized by cerebral, filmic atmospheres and tones of wistful melancholy. Over the last few years, jjjacob has released several awe-inspiring EPs and singles, showcasing his nuanced ability to convey deep, complex emotions through electronic production.

jjjacob’s latest track for the Danish label Petrola 80‘s forthcoming compilation is a stunning display of arpeggiating synths that rise and fall with the grace of a bird soaring through the skies. The track, entitled “Solitary Defeat,” appropriately figures as the closing track on the compilation and functions as a response to the closing track on Petrola 80’s previous compilation, Merdh Laleh’s “Restless Victory.” jjjacob effectively transposes the high frequency crescendo of the latter track onto a softer sonic palette that peaks in intensity around the midway point and descends from there into introspective, ambient whispers.

Petrola 80’s Expand compilation is out March 20th. Stream singles from KhalilH2OP and Piag3t and pre-order it here.

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