PREMIERE: Lighght – The Sun Splitting the Cold Stones

Vancouver 'post-industrial' label Collapsed Structures previews their upcoming "Frozen Ashes" compilation.


The ‘about’ section of the Vancouver label Collapsed Structures’ Bandcamp reads “Dreams in post-industrial landscapes.” This acts as an evocative manifesto for the label, which has been releasing high quality underground electronic music at a rapid pace since their inception in early 2018. Founders Sour Gout and Animalman oversee the label with a niche, finely curated approach that upholds their ‘post-industrial’ vision through and through.

Today, we are premiering Lighght’s “The Sun Splitting the Cold Stones,” a spellbinding track from Collapsed Structures’ forthcoming Frozen Ashes compilation.

The track exhibits effervescent, weightless post-club production from the emerging Irish producer, who recently self-released their intriguing and ambitious debut LP Gore-Tex In the Club, Balenciaga Amongst the Shrubs. “The Sun Splitting the Cold Stones” feels more like a proper (albeit off-kilter) dance track from Lighght who deals in more experimental soundscapes on the formerly mentioned release. Its skittering rhythms and sleek, icy synths wouldn’t sound out of place within the catalogue of Batu’s influential bass-techno imprint Timedance. It is certainly one of several highlights on Frozen Ashes, which also features notable contributions from the likes of Evitceles, Diamondstein, Thugwidow, Sangam, and Lila Tirando a Violeta in collaboration with Sour Gout.

Frozen Ashes arrives digitally on September 14th. Follow Collapsed Structures on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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