PREMIERE: MAAY – Chaotic Adorable Criatura

The Berlin-based producer releases a nightmarish new track for Argentinian label TRRUENO's upcoming compilation.


T R R U E N O is a label and network of experimental producers originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, several of whom have relocated to Berlin. While all members of T R R U E N O exhibit distinct approaches to electronic production, they share a common interest in hybridizing and splicing various strands of club music with elements of industrial noise. This can be heard across solo releases from Astrosuka, Agustín Genoud, CANDIE & Ro Stambuk, as well as their MECHA compilation series.

The latest and third edition of MECHA, forthcoming Nov. 6, features 17 tracks from various Argentinian artists (with the exception of Berlin’s Ziúr), including both T R R U E N O mainstays and newcomers, alike.

Today we premiere one of the more eerie, abstract cuts from the compilation: MAAY‘s “Chaotic Adorable Criatura.” As MAAY explains, she created the track during the early stages of the pandemic when she felt disconnected from the club scene and more interested in narrative forms of sound art. The results are particularly nightmarish as MAAY tells the story of a creature born “from the depth of shadows and material things accumulated in an imaginary basement.”

Quivering, uncanny sound effects pan across channels, evoking the experience of walking through a haunted nursery. A carousel of music box chimes, squeak toy samples and staccato synth sequences surround the listener in a swirl of whimsical horror. The darkness hides creatures within all of us and on “Chaotic Adorable Criatura”  MAAY lets them out to play.

MECHA 03 is out 06/11/20 on T R R U E N O. Pre-order it here.

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