PREMIERE: Shayu – Hee 19 x Euljiro

The Zurich-based producer releases a new video from her recent Asia tour featuring South Korean dancer Hee Eun Jeong.


The Swiss producer known as Shayu specializes in a strand of abstract club music that is characterized by an insistence on flow and movement. Her sound design is weightless and malleable, making it highly conducive to the performative art of dance and fashion. Earlier this year, she soundtracked the runway show for Xander Zhou’s AW19 in London and its accompanying sci-fi fashion film created in collaboration with Rick Farin. Her cerebral, immersive productions acted to further the 3D futurist visions of Farin and Zhou.

Shayu’s most recent project  is a video collaboration with Hee Eun Jeong, a contemporary dancer who studied at the California Institute of the Arts. The two originally met in 2015, at the Korean University of National Arts in Seoul, whilst on an exchange program. They reconvened this year to collaborate on a project when Shayu made a stop-over in Seoul as part of her Asia tour. The result is a video entitled ‘Hee 19’ featuring Hee Eun, soundtracked by Shayu’s “Euljiro”, a grime-adjacent track that utilizes vocal layering to create a hypnotic atmosphere.

In the video, Hee Eun is featured dancing in a brightly coloured outfit (provided by local South Korean fashion label AJOBYAJO) on a rooftop, her organic movements mirroring the ebbs and flows of Shayu’s production. The camera then follows Hee Eun as she moves through city streets, dancing in her own world while businessmen obliviously pass by. Watch it below.

Shayu recently released an EP entitled All the Way Through via London’s Coyote Records, which you can stream/download here.

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